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First 'Milind's Web' post


This page is the first I created for Milind's Web. The purpose of this page is to contain all capabilities of this publishing system. The system works as follows:
  1. I write a tiddler in my Tiddlywiki
  2. I export all tiddlers to HTML pages using the snapshotplugin
  3. I then convert the tiddlers to web pages using a Lua script that I wrote

Why Tiddlywiki

Tiddlywiki is the most complete wiki eco-system. It has independent portable tiddlywikis which run off the browser directly. It has server side implementations like TiddlyWeb so that it is easily scalable as aserver side large wiki. It has lots of plugins that make it very customizable and useful.

Why make this publishing system

Although Tiddlywiki works great as a wiki, it lacks the simplicity and flexibility of a simple HTML page. This publishing system just converts each tiddler to its own HTML page so that it can have a broader variety of content such as ads, social media links etc.

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