Evaluation Board Design

27 August 2019 Link

Things to check

  • It is good to have each pin come to a pin array which has the following:
    • Main pins to clip on or plug into
      • Outermost pin as the signal itself
      • Followed by GND
      • Followed by signal
      • Followed by VDD
    • Socket pins to insert components into
      • GND
      • SIGNAL times 2 (2 rows of signal sockets)
      • VDD
    • This array allows for a variety of connections to the signal
  • If you are using a socket make sure there is enough clearance around the socket so that the clips or lid can open easily
  • Make sure there are enough GND points to clip on to your instruments
  • Make sure there are enough jumpers to isolate parts of the circuit so you can selective measure current of desired parts of the circuit.