Getting Familiar With an EDA Tool

3 September 2020 Link

Here is a list of things I have compiled to find out immediately when you have to use a new EDA tool. Having answers to these would make the comfort level sufficient to get down to work!

Schematic Design

  1. How to create single sheet schematics
  2. How to fix sheet sizes of the schematics
  3. How to create multi-sheet schematics
  4. How to create hierarchical schematics
    1. Creating custom symbol for a circuit
  5. How to simulate a created circuit
  6. How to generate s desired netlist from a custom component
  7. How to maintain a project library
    1. Does a independent schematic need a library and updated on each load or is it autonomous?
  8. How to run Electrical Rules Checker (ERC)?
    1. How to define custom ERC?
  9. How to export simulation data to CSV.

PCB\Layout Design

  1. How to make a simple PCB design
  2. How to create new footprints and associate them with schematic symbols
  3. How to change the track width
  4. How to change layers while routing
  5. How to create a polygon fill for a net
    1. How to have thermals to the vias
    2. How to have solid vias
    3. How to enable orphans or not
  6. How to create vias of different shapes
  7. How to do autorouting
    1. How to define keepout regions for autorouting
    2. How to define net classes for automatic assignment of net widths for autorouting
  8. How to create 3D models for components
  9. How to maintain a footprints library?
    1. Does a independent board design need a library and updated on each load or is it autonomous?
  10. How to run Design Rule Checker (DRC)?
    1. How to define custom DRC?
  11. How to compare layout versus schematic?