SVN Cheat Sheet

19 July 2021 Link

Relocating an SVN repository

From the command line in Ubuntu went to the repository working copy root i.e. inside the directory which is the root of the repository working copy. Then there executed the command:

svn switch --relocate FROM TO [PATH...]

The FROM and TO paths need to be started with file:/// if it is in windows C:/... will follow if it is in linux media/... or the other root directory path will follow

Just did it like this in Linux:
svn relocate 'file:///media/DATA/Milind/Technical/My Work/Repositories/Karm_Lua/trunk' .

This was run from the root of the working copy as described above

Checkin Commads

  • To add all unversioned files
svn add --force * --auto-props --parents --depth infinity -q

Commit Commands

  • To commit all added files
svn commit -m 'Adding a file'