Software Matrix

5 February 2021 Link

This page contains the list of all software that I find good and useful and their application areas:

Office Software

SoftwareVersionApplicationsIssuesOpen SourceLicenseCostPlatformComments
PDFeditPDF EditingYesFreeWindows
ApowersoftScreen RecordingNoFree
e-LectaScreen RecordingNoNoneFreeWindowsVery good features
VSDC Video EditorVideo EditorNoFree
AvidemuxVideo EditorYesFree
OpenshotVideo EditorYesFreeLooks full featured
Da Vinci ResolveVideo EditorNoFreeWindows, Mac, Linux* Easy to Learn
* Is very resource hungry, kept crashing!
BlenderVideo Editor and 3D editorYesFreeWindows Mac and Linux*Video editor quite complicated with not enough tutorials since Blender mainly used for 3D design
* Had to do some complex steps just to rotate a video


SoftwareVersionApplicationsIssuesOpen SourceLicenseCostPlatformComments
PagebreezeHTML Editing and creationNoFreeWindows
KompozerHTML WYSIWYG editingYesFree
OpenRestyLua Web Application server based on nginx serverYesFreeLinux and MacMastering Nginx
HTML 5 BoilerplateVery popular HTML5 website templateYesMITFreeCross Platform
Mako ServerVery lightweight web server with Lua Application code integration as Lua Server PagesYesGPLCross Platform


SoftwareVersionApplicationsIssuesOpen SourceLicenseCostPlatformComments
Octave*Numerical Computation
YesFreeGNU Octave Beginner's Guide
GSL-Shell* Mathematical library binding for LuaYesGNUFree
GNUPlot4.6.3Plotting libraryYesGNU?FreeData Analysis with Open Source Tools
SciLuaMath library with LuaJIT engine includedYesFree
Scilab5.2.0*Numerical Computation
*Signal Flow simulation
Has some issues with memory management in WindowsYesFreeModeling and Simulation in Scilab/Scicos with ScicosLab 4.4
Maxima5.20*Symbolic Computation
*Numerical Computation

Knowledge Management

SoftwareVersionApplicationsIssuesOpen SourceLicenseCostPlatformComments
Liferay6.0Collaboration PlatformNo Issue tracking portlet. Liferay guys themselves use JIRA.YesFree Community version
Joomla2.5Website development platformYesFreeJoomla! 3 Beginner's Guide
MediaWiki1.16.0Personal Unorganized Data management portal* Needs Server, MySQL, PHP running
* Not portable
YesFree Community versionWikis For Dummies
TiddlyWiki2.6.3Personal Unorganized Data management Wiki with a great plugin architecture and no server running requirementYesFreeWikis For Dummies
Jarnal1075* Tablet note taking
* annotating PDF


Circuit Simulation

SoftwareVersionApplicationsIssuesOpen SourceLicenseCostPlatformComments
LTSpice*Circuit Simulation
*Circuit Drawing
*Simulation Waveforms display
*Hierarchical circuit handling
*Netlist creation
NoFreeSwitch-Mode Power Supplies Spice Simulations and Practical Designs
NGSPICECircuit SimulationYesFree
IverilogDigital SimulationYesFree

IC Layout

SoftwareVersionApplicationsIssuesOpen SourceLicenseCostPlatformComments
MagicIC LayoutYesFree
TopedIC LayoutYesFree
KLayoutIC LayoutYesGPL 2FreeCross PlatformRuby Scripting

Circuit/PCB Design Tools

SoftwareVersionApplicationsIssuesOpen SourceLicenseCostPlatformComments
KiCADEDA suite for:
*Circuit design (eeschema)
*PCB design and 3D board design (pcbnew)
*Viewing Gerber files (gerberview)
SKILL Corner generator1.2013.2.19Generate ocean scripts to run corners in Cadence

Embedded Systems

SoftwareVersionApplicationsIssuesOpen SourceLicenseCostPlatformComments
FreeRTOSRTOSYesFreeUsing the FreeRTOS Real Time Kernel - Standard Edition (FreeRTOS Tutorial Books)

Systems Programming

SoftwareVersionApplicationsIssuesOpen SourceLicenseCostPlatformComments
WiresharkNetwork protocol analysisFree* Windows
* Linux
* Mac
Allows Lua scripting
Dependency WalkerAnalyze dependencies of a exe, dll, etc.Windows


SoftwareApplicationsIssuesOpen SourceLicenseCostPlatformComments
ExtraPuttyPutty with Lua scripting and DLL frontendYesFreeWindows

Field Solvers

SoftwareVersionApplicationsIssuesOpen SourceLicenseCostPlatformComments
FASTCAPCapacitance extraction of 3D structuresYesFree
FastHenryInductance Analysis of 3D StructuresYesFree
FastImpImpedance extraction program for 3D geometriesYesFree


SoftwareVersionApplicationsIssuesOpen SourceLicenseCostPlatformComments
Visual Studio Express*Programming in Visual C++, Visual Basic
*Compiling and Debugging
Eclipse*Programming in a host of languages like C/C++, Java, Embedded C, etc.
*Attach various compilers
Code Blocks*Programming IDE for C/C++ and a host of other languages
*Good for Rapid Application Development of WxWidgets
Love 2D*2D Gaming engine scriptable in Lua
*Good environment for actually doing graphics programming with Lua
MOAICross platform 2D Game engineYesFree* Linux
* Android
* iOS
* Windows
mapeditor2D Game map editor based on tiles
Macro Monkey*Macro writer for Windows platform in LuaYesFree
ZerobraneStudio0.38Lua Programming IDE for various Lua toolkits as well like Love2D, CoronaSDK, LuaJIT, etc.YesFreeWindows, Linux Mac
CI2CV Face Analysis SDKFacial analysis SDK in C++YesGPL2Free
SeleniumBrowser AutomationYesHas a binding to Lua here
ValgrindDetecting memory leaksYes


LibraryVersionApplicationsIssuesOpen SourceLicenseCostPlatformComments
Lua LibrariesA collection of Lua Libraries I find interesting
Apache LucyOpen source C library for text indexing
PoDoFoLGPLOpen source C++ Library for PDF parsing and writing
Raylib3.5.0Lightweight Graphical LibraryYesZlibFreeCross Platform

System Utilities

SoftwareVersionApplicationsIssuesOpen SourceLicenseCostPlatformComments
RoboDOCAutomatic Documentation Extractor from Source code. Works for any language that supports comments.YesFreeC code compiled in MinGW
SednaSoftware to create and maintain an XML database from a collection of XML filesYesFree
SednaAdminGUI Administrator client for SednaYesFreeWritten in Java so platform independent.
ClonezillaDisk imaging toolYesFreeLive CD with Linux
Macrium Reflect FreeDisk imaging toolNoFreeWindows Installation with Rescue CD creation
Ultimate Boot CDDisk rescue and recovery with lots of utilitiesFreeLive CD with Linux
CcleanerWindows OptimizationFreeWindows
Advanced System Care FreeWindows OptimizationFreeWindows
JFileSyncFile and Directory Synchronization and BackupYesFreeJava based so platform Independent.
depends22dependency walker lets you view dll dependences in Windows as ldd does in Linux
VirtualBox6Create different operating system virtual environments in your machineYesWindows, Linux, Macintosh, and Solaris hosts and supports a large number of guest operating systems including but not limited to Windows (NT 4.0, 2000, XP, Server 2003, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10), DOS/Windows 3.x, Linux (2.4, 2.6, 3.x and 4.x), Solaris and OpenSolaris, OS/2, and OpenBSDUsing VirtualBox to run Windows XP on Windows 10

CAD Design

SoftwareVersionApplicationsIssuesOpen SourceLicenseCostPlatformComments
WavedromDigital Timing Diagram drawingYesFreeBrowser
NaroCAD1.8,83D CAD software based on the concept of Parametric modelling of solidsYesFreeWindowsNo development commits since 2014, has Lua scripting!
LibreCAD2.0.102D Cad softwareYesFreeCross PlatformHas Lua scripting
FreeCAD3D CAD softwareYesFree
Google Sketchup3D CAD SoftwareNoFree Version with limited functionalityWindowsGoogle SketchUp 8 For Dummies

Open Source Code Libraries

C/C++ Code Libraries

SoftwareVersionApplicationsIssuesOpen SourceLicenseCostPlatformComments
Boost LibrariesLot of libraries:
*Interprocess Communication
*String handling
YesFreeCross Platform
libCurlNetwork communication protocols??FreeCross Platform
SQLiteServerless transactional Database with very small footprint to embed in applicationsYesFreeCross Platform
Lua5.2Embeddable scripting languageYesFreeCross PlatformI recommend the book Programming in Lua, Third Edition to learn Lua. It has everything you need to know and is a very good reference as well.
WxWidgetsCross Platform GUI libraryYesFreeCross Platform

Educational Software

SoftwareVersionApplicationsIssuesOpen SourceLicenseCostPlatformComments
GeoGebraLearning and experimenting with MathematicsYesFreeMultiplatform
*Computer Programming
*Creative Thinking
*Computer Programming
ScratchLearning ProgrammingYesFree
BlocklyLearning ProgrammingYesFreeCross Platform, browser based
CelestiaUniverse Explorer with Lua ScriptingYesFreeMultiplatform

Drawing Software

SoftwareVersionApplicationsIssuesOpen SourceLicenseCostPlatformComments
InkscapeScalable Vector Graphics (2D Graphics design)YesFree
DiaOpen source clone of VisioYesFree
Draw.ioOpen Source Diagramming SoftwareYesFree for personal use