16 October 2019 Link


Used VirtualBox to install Windows XP on windows 10 and connect StyleCAM driver in it to download photos.

Installting VirtualBox

  • Downloaded it from here
  • Installation was like a standard windows program

Installing Windows XP Virtual Machine

  • Start Virtual Box
  • Click on the New Icon
  • Give it a descriptive name
  • Point it to a folder on a drive with sufficient space you want for the drive
  • Select the type and version of the operating system (Windows XP 32 bit)
  • Select RAM for the machine (Selected 1024MB)
  • Created 10GB hard drive for it (dynamically allocated)
  • After creation Changed the display RAM to 128MB (Max)
  • Started the machine and it asks for a bootable iso. Gave the Windows XP setup iso
  • Installed Windows following the installation steps

Sharing folder with host machine

Used the instructions here to setup a shared drive. Basic steps are:
  • Install Guest Additions CD image on the Guest OS
  • In the VM window menu go to Devices->Shared Folders->Shared Folder Settings...
  • Click on Add folder
  • In the folder path select the folder you created to share
  • Select Auto-Mount and Make permanent.
  • You can leave the mount point blank
  • Now the folder should show up as a mapped network folder

Access USB device

This was complicated. Followed these instructions and then these instructions to make it work